Water beds were commonly used abroad as compared to the Indian market. Introduced in the later half of the 20th century it was preferred by those who wants to enjoy the unique feeling of lying on water. They come in two types – The hardside & the softside water bed. The Hardside water bed has water chambers with wooden frame giving it the much hard feel. They are relatively heavy and ends up eating a lot of space. The soft side water bed too have water chamber with wooden frame but are padded with foam & fiber for the soft feel. They look like regular mattress but comes with a heavy price point.

Should you go for waterbed Mattress?

If you are planning to consider water beds for daily use go for it only if you are fond of the feel & sensation of sleeping on water. The water beds come with free flow, semi-waveless & waveless design. Hence it is advised to do a sleep test before arriving on any conclusion.


  • It is best for sleepers who prefer unique feel of lying on water
  • The mattress comes with 3 different types of water flow & one select according to his preferences
  • Water beds are best suited for Side and back sleepers


  • Water beds are heavier as one need to fill up the chambers with water
  • This makes it difficult to maneuver & requires a lot of space
  • It is prone to puncture due to sharp object present in our home

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