Who are they:

wakefit.co know as Wakefit Innovations Private Limited is a Private incorporated on 01 March 2016. Wakefit offers a high quality mattresses at very reasonable prices. They are known for their orthopaedic mattresses.

How they got started?

Since the founders family already owned a chemical lab to test, validate and certify the manufacturers of foam used in mattress and pillows, while working they came across a huge problem with the foam used in the market, according to the founder, it was adulterated as to increase the weight of foam which was nothing but cheating with fellow customer also, He found that calcium carbonate was being used to increase the weight of foam which is also not good for health.

They are located at Bangalore, you can contact them here https://www.wakefit.co/contact
They claim to serve more than 15000 customer since their inception.
77% of their customer think product is excellent. 18% think its good whereas rest 5% didn’t fine it useful
They sell various sleep related products like mattresses, pillows, mattress protector, Bed, neck support etc. All products are mentioned below.