Memory Foam Mattress

The word Memory foam itself says that it remembers your pressure areas or points. This is the latest innovation in the mattress category & currently garnering huge demand in the category. The memory foam has open cell like structures that acts a shock absorbers. It has levels from soft to firm & has multiple layers that provide accurate support, reducing heat with greater comfort. Memory foam mattress has firmness adjusting technology that distributes your body weight evenly. The mattress comes to its original position once the pressure is released.

Why is memory foam amongst the most preferred mattress?

Memory foam mattress is made up of open cell like structures. Once your press the mattress it regains it original shape and size. When you sleep, the mattress takes the shape of your body to provide your accurate support. Hence when you get up in the morning you don’t wake up with soreness in the back & neck.


  • The mattress has the ability to mould according to your body weight by evenly distributing pressure
  • The mattress helps to maintain perfect spinal alignment of the sleeper
  • There is less transfer of heat from the body to mattress which helps to maintain perfect body temperature
  • The memory foam mattress is best suited for side & back sleepers


  • The mattress can sometimes be too soft which may not be preferred by many
  • The mattress needs to cleaned frequently as it is attracts dust & can lead to allergies

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