Latex Mattress

Latex mattress is made up of natural latex instead the polyurethane foam. Latex is generally a semi fluid substance extracted from a natural source the one which you get from the rubber tree. These mattresses use natural or synthetically produced latex which gives it the required bounciness & the ability to adjust according to your body pressure. Latex mattress also comes with poly foam inside for different level of firmness and softer feel that can suit a wide variety of sleepers.

What is the difference between Latex & Latex foam Mattress?

Latex mattress has is made up of either natural or synthetic latex which gives it a natural bounce and the ability to adjust body pressure and temperature. On the other, Latex foam mattress comes with Foam inside them making them more comfortable similar to a memory foam mattress. The mattresses is springy & comes back to its original position when the pressure is lift off.


  • They are known to provide superior body support
  • The Latex content combined with foam provides high degree of bounce & Softness
  • Latex mattress are known to provide less motion while changing position ensuring no sleep disturbance for your partner
  • They are best suited for side & back sleepers


  • They are on an expensive side as compared to rest
  • Synthetic latex material mattress may sometime emit smell

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