Foam Mattress

Foam mattress the most commonly found in India and typically used in almost every household. The mattress is filled with polyurethane foam from inside. The polyurethane foam offers the mattress support & bounces that works on air trapped mechanism. These mattress are generally light weight and makes making it easy to maneuver. A good branded mattress will typically last for about 7-8 years. With excessive use, foam mattress tends to lose its softness & sag due to wear and tear.

What is the difference between Foam Mattress & Memory Foam Mattress?

There is huge difference between a foam & memory foam mattress. Though both the mattress offers softness, firmness, bounce & support but the memory foam mattress wins with an extra edge by distributing your body weight evenly. This ensures that you do not wake up with soreness in your back or neck as your pressure points are well supported with memory foam.


  • Foam mattress easily lasts for about 7-8 years & has greater durability
  • The mattress gives soft touch and feel to provide extra comfort
  • Foam mattress exhibits heats after sometime, hence it become as ideal option for regions with colder weather
  • Foam mattress is best suited for people who are back sleepers


  • Foam mattress are a bit expensive as compared to coil or spring mattress
  • As the mattress exhibits heat, you may start sweating leading to dampness in the mattress over the time
  • The mattress tends to sink a lot more due to your body weight making it a bit difficult for you to come out of it

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