The only thing we look forward to after a tiring & hectic day. Be it office or house chores, the 8 hours of deep sleep ensures we are charged up & ready to roll the next day. But not every day promises you a good night sleep. Waking up to body aches, soreness in your back or neck is the common problem now days. Inconsistent sleep leads to incomplete sleep thus taking a toll on our health & body. It can further lead to insomnia causing stress, anxiety, depression & circadian rhythm disorders The main reason identified for an inconsistent sleep is our Sleeping mattress. So why loose our sleep over a mattress…..

Choosing the right mattress can sometime be a tedious task. Having dozens of brands, Manufacturer, type, material doesn’t help in selecting the right mattress. Even if you think of researching online from the pool sites, you’ll be left nothing but confused. To make the process friendly, we have created the following buying guide to help you find the right mattress for a restful, refreshing GOOD NIGHT sleep.

How to choose your mattress:

Choosing a mattress is more of a personal preference than science. What looks like a beautiful piece of sleeping support to someone can be a back pain in the making for other. What makes it more difficult is the sheer range of mattress available in the market both online & offline with-out adequate knowledge. It is extremely important to educate yourself considering your requirements through the following points:

How often:

An average mattress is manufactured to make it last for about 10-15 years. By then you have spent around 30,000 hours on your mattress. After such a long span, did u ever imagine the mattress must have undergone wear & tear due the way you use it, the food you have dropped and your skin dead cells accumulated. In India the climate is mostly humid which leads to bad smell which is obviously because we do not wash them frequently. Hence it is advised to change your mattress very 6-8 years from the time of purchase. A right mattress for your which is not worn out will ensure you sleep throughout peacefully.

Mattress Life:

Gone are the days where your grandmother use stitch hand-stitched mattress which ensured both peace and comfort which lasted for 20-30 years. That suited for the lifestyle we had 15-20 years back. In the current hectic lifestyle we live in most cases of improper sleep are due leading to body aches & Soreness. It is advised that you change your mattress every 6-8 years depending on your need & sleeping pattern. If your current mattress lacks both it is advised you consider replacing your mattress.


This factor depends from Individual to Individual. The Traditional mattress stores charged us big amounts for the mattress which did not guarantee sleep. Recently, things have started changing with online players entering the market with modern technology infused mattress designed specially for our body type & sleeping posture.

Here’s your guide to select the best mattress in your budget:
  • High price doesn’t guaranteed quality
  • Ideal budget of around 15000
  • Big Brands do not guarantee sleep
  • Watch for sleep type
  • Comfort & Material


Firmness of a mattress tells us how hard or soft the mattress is. A hard mattress which promises you support can lead to back stiffness in the morning. Similarly a very soft mattress can tend to pain in the neck and around shoulders. Many times people tend to confuse support with firmness. A mattress while sleeping aligns your spine with firm support is the perfect one for you. If the mattress goes too deep because of your body weight will make you wake with body aches & Soreness. Hence it advisable to lie on the mattress & check yourself for a correct body posture while sleeping.
Firmness scale – 1-10
  • 1 (extremely soft): maximum softness with lots of sink; this type of extra plush mattress is rare
  • 2-3 (soft): quite soft and plush with definite sink
  • 4-6 (medium): common firmness level that offers a middle-ground with some plushness but more limited sink
  • 7-9 (firm): much harder mattress with only limited softness and sink
  • 10 (extremely firm): no softness, plushness or sink; this type of extra firm mattress is rare

Body Weight:

Mattress responds to the weight & Pressure of the body. The sleeper’s weight influences the feel & firmness of the mattress. Heavier the body, deeper the mattress goes because the weight. Similarly lighter the sleeper, he’ll float on the mattress. Its will advisable to select a mattress that spreads the body equivalently throughout for a restful sleep.
  • Sleepers who weight between 40-60kg
  • Sleepers who weight between 60-90kg
  • Sleepers who weight between 90kg and above

Sleeping Positions

A lot depend on your sleeping position. Every individual sleeps differently & So are the mattress designed to suit your specific sleeping position.

Side sleeper: Side sleepers are the one who usually face the left or the direction while sleeping. When you sleep on the side the pressure points are usually the neck, shoulders & hips depending which side you face. Side sleepers need a slight firm mattress with softness to cushion those areas. Read our guide for Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers.

Back sleeper: Back sleepers are usually the ones who face the sky while sleeping. When you sleep on the back the pressure points are usually on the Spine, shoulders, Hip areas. Back sleeps needs a more firm mattress that gives a proper back support that provides rest to your entire body. Read our guide for Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers.

Stomach sleeper: Stomach sleepers are usually the ones who face the ground while sleeping. When you sleep on the stomach the pressure points are usually on the front shoulders, stomach. Hence it is advisable to have select mattress which is soft with less firmness. Read our guide for Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers.

Combination sleepers: Combination sleepers are usually the ones who sleep in 2-3 positions. The pressure points for combination sleepers can be various body parts depending how long he sleeps on that particular sleeping position. It is advisable to select mattress with more flexibly & firmness that provides greater support to your body.
Read our guide for Best Mattresses for Combination Sleepers.