Air Mattress

Air mattress is generally preferred more for an outdoor usage to Indoor usage. It comes with an automated pump with the help of which you inflate the mattress. There are air coils or air pockets inside the mattress which absorbs pressure when sleeping. They are pretty inexpensive as compared to our regular mattress. The best part is these are easy to carry and you can inflate or deflate the size of the matters as per your need.

Should you go for Air Mattress?

If you are more of a frequent traveler or has a temporary requirement then you should be looking at purchasing Air mattress. Also if you have frequent guest visitors at your place this can be a right purchase for you as it can be easily maneuvered fit in a confined space. Also you can save a lot of money in comparison to your regular mattress.


  • The height & firmness of the mattress can be adjusted by inflating and deflating with the right amount of air
  • With years passing by they do not sag like the ordinary foam mattress
  • They are portable and light in weight
  • Air beds are best suited for Side sleepers who have lower back pain


  • Airbeds are needs to be used safely as pointed objects can puncture them
  • They have two separate sections & the hence the comfort for both sleepers have to be adjusted accordingly from time to time
  • You may have to constantly pump air inside the mattress adjusting the air pressure

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